From ISS Student to Entrepreneur

Guest contributor: Imran Khan (ISS Class of 2013) 1. Could you tell us about your experience with the ISS program and the types of opportunities you were able to gain. Before I started the ISS program, I intended to pursue an area of research that I was deeply passionate about, while also gaining invaluable skillsContinue reading “From ISS Student to Entrepreneur”

Entrepreneurship as Way to Alleviate the Marginal Status of Somali Women in the Canadian Labour Market

Guest contributor: Leila Mohamed (ISS Class of 2019) As a Somali woman, I have a major responsibility to highlight the challenges that we are facing in Canada and the resiliency that we continue to exhibit living in the Canadian diaspora. In my Major Research Paper (MRP), I examined the barriers Somali women face in theContinue reading “Entrepreneurship as Way to Alleviate the Marginal Status of Somali Women in the Canadian Labour Market”

Reflections for International Women’s Day 2021

Guest contributor: Catrina Kronfli (ISS Class of 2013) During my undergraduate and graduate studies at the University of Toronto, I was always interested in courses that examined gender. When I entered the ISS program at Ryerson, I wanted my MRP to examine gender in some way. I was also intrigued by the idea of usingContinue reading “Reflections for International Women’s Day 2021”

Reflections for Black History Month 2021

Guest contributor: Maqueita Hibbert (ISS Class of 2008) During my undergraduate studies, I was awakened to the plight of the vulnerable in Canada’s labour market. Minority groups made up the lower portion of the pyramid that represented the labour force. These individuals worked in low-paid, precarious jobs with long hours, and are unable to earnContinue reading “Reflections for Black History Month 2021”